Activity – Charge Game Cards

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Charge! is an engaging and fun game that will give students the opportunity to review vocabulary terminology. Students will move from desk to desk around the room (see chart on the next page).




  1. Make copies of games cards and recording sheet (you can use colored paper and laminate cards to reuse).
  2. Pass out recording sheet to each student. • Place a task card at each student desk, face down.
  3. When your say charge, students will flip card and begin by answering the question at their own desk. (Let’s say that Susie is sitting with the Number 3 card. She will move to the number 4 card next, 5, 6 and so on.) Students will answer the questions on the recording sheet. Questions should only take between 30-45 seconds to answer.
  4. When prompted by the word Charge!, students move to the desk that would be next in numerical order.
  5. Students will visit each desk in the classroom and answer all the questions on the card.
  6. At the end of the game, collect all question cards and review answers.

Suggestions For Managing The Game

  • Demonstrate or practice moving from desk to desk before starting the game.
  • Watch your timing (you don’t want to have them move too soon or take too long).

You can see example of how to play:

how to play video