Lesson – Balloons and Static Electricity Labs



Title: Balloons and Static Electricity Labs

Grade Level: 5th Grade

Duration: 15 Mins


Problem Statement

How does static electricity work?


  • Balloons
  • Hair
  • Wall

Procedure #1

  1. Blow up two balloons.
  2. Rub each balloon in your hair for about 30 to 45 seconds.
  3. Place the balloons next to each other without allowing them to touch.
  4. Observe the interaction of the balloons.
    • What was the charge on each balloon?
    • What was the charge on your hair?
    • What happened when you placed the charged balloons next to each other?
    • What happened to your hair when you rubbed them with the balloons?

Procedure #2

  1. Rub one of the balloons with your hair.
  2. Place the balloon against the wall.
  3. Observe what happens.
    • What did you observe when you placed the balloon against the wall?
    • Why do you think this happened?