Cloze Reading Assignment 2



Fill in the blanks with the words found in the word bank to complete the Reading Passage. You may use the words more than once.

Word Bank


word bank for a reading assignment


Energy Makes Things Move

It takes _____________ to make things _____________. Cars and motorcycles run on the energy stored in ____________. Many toys run on the energy __________ in batteries. Sail boats are ___________ by the energy in the _________. After a long day, do you ever feel too tired to move? You’ve run out of ___________. You need to eat some food to ____________.

Energy Runs Machines

It takes energy to run our TVs, computers, and video games. Energy in the form of _______________. We use electricity many times every day. It gives us ___________ and _____________, it makes things move, and it runs our toys, electronics, and microwaves. Imagine what your life would be like without electricity.

We make electricity by ________________, ___________, __________ , and even __________. We make it from the energy that holds __________ together. We make it with energy from the sun, the wind, and falling water. Sometimes, we use heat from inside the _________________ to make electricity.