Cloze Reading Assignment 1


After reading the information provided on the sun decide whether you believe that in the near future the United States will be able to solely use the sun as their only source of energy. Before you begin to write chose a side.

  • Yes, I believe the sun provides enough energy to provide enough power for homes, businesses, etc.
  • No, I do not believe that the sun could provide enough energy to provide enough to homes, businesses, etc.

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

The introduction should include a couple of sentences that explain what the topic is about, a “grabber” which lets the reader know what position you hold.

Paragraph 2 – Reasons and Evidence

In this paragraph you are going to share why you believe what you do. State the reason and why. You can use the evidence you wrote on the worksheet to help you through this part.

Paragraph 3 – Conclusion

The last paragraph of your Opinion Essay is the conclusion. In this paragraph, write a few sentences restating the main reasons why you think the United States will or will not be solely using solar power as a source of energy. At this time do not add any new ideas or reasons. Remember that in this paragraph your goal is to persuade the reader to agree with your position.


You have completed your Rough Draft of your Opinion Essay; now it’s time to copy your work onto a separate sheet of paper. Before you begin remember to:

  • Indent at the beginning of each paragraph
  • Use transition words when needed
  • Make sure your first paragraph has a “grabber”
  • You have stated the 3 reasons why you feel that your position is correct
  • Most importantly – Don’t forget to proofread and fix all spelling errors!